List of lacrosse movies not as long as other sports, but here’s a couple you can watch this weekend

FARGO, N.D. – The sport of lacrosse isn’t the darling of Hollywood that other sports are. The lists of boxing, baseball, football, basketball and other sports movies are long and legendary. … The list of lacrosse movies, on the other hand, is not so long and the few movies made aren’t going to be legendary anytime soon.
However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. So, if you find yourself with some time this weekend and you want to check out a lacrosse movie to learn more about the sport, we recommend you try these. Let us know what you think of them. Players on our teams have given us some interesting mixed reviews of the first. We don’t know if anyone has seen the second.

“Crooked Arrows”

Crooked Arrows movie website

Billed as “America’s first mainstream lacrosse movie,” this Hollywood feature was released last year to much fanfare in the lacrosse community. … (Hey, when your sport’s list of feature films can be counted on one hand, these are things to be excited about!)
Click on the movie subhead above and you’ll see that there is an entire website dedicated to the movie. You can even get swag from the movie here!
But, hey, what about plot, right? … Well, here is the site’s description of the movie:
“A mixed-blood Native American, Joe Logan, eager to modernize his reservation, must first prove himself to his father, the traditionalist Tribal Chairman, by rediscovering his spirit. He is tasked with coaching the reservation’s high school lacrosse team which competes against the better equipped and better trained players of the elite Prep School League.
Joe inspires the Native American boys and teaches them the true meaning of tribal pride. Ignited by their heritage and believing in their new-found potential, coach and team climb an uphill battle to the state championship finals against their privileged prep school rivals…will they win?
Crooked Arrows is an original, uplifting sports movie in the tradition of such classics as Mighty Ducks, Bad News Bears, Hoosiers, and Bend It Like Beckham–set in the fresh, contemporary worlds of Native American reservations, prep schools, and lacrosse…”
We know there’s copies of Crooked Arrows available for rent in town. We’ve seen them at various rental stores and in some Red Box machines around town. Enjoy and let us know what you think of the movie.

“A Warrior’s Heart”

A Warrior’s Heart movie cover

A second lacrosse flick you might try to find is “A Warrior’s Heart.” This film came out in 2011 and according to the ratings on IMDb, is a middle-of-the-pack film, receiving a 4.7 out of 10 rating.This is one we here at the blog haven’t seen so we can’t make a recommendation about how good a movie it is, but it’s one of the few other full-length Hollywood movies that center on lacrosse.
According to the IMDb site, the movie’s description is: “In shock and denial over his Marine father’s death in battle, star Lacrosse player Conor Sullivan, always a maverick and a hothead, starts acting out in self-destructive ways that have his mom, Claire, at her wit’s end. But arduous training in a wilderness Lacrosse camp under the tutelage of his dad’s old combat buddy, Sgt. Major Duke Wayne, opens Conor’s eyes to the true meaning of maturity, sportsmanship and manhood.”
We have no idea of the availability of this movie here in town, so this might be something you have to find on the web. Regardless, if you’ve seen it, let us know your review. We’re always looking for a new reason to watch a lacrosse movie!

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  1. “A Warrior’s Heart” was an awesome movie in my opinion, I can relate a lot to it as both of my parents are in the Military and I play attack in lacrosse and I’m in high school so I have to start worrying about college and scholarships, this movie was very emotional, and this movie is just so moving, I loved it!

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